Update on Butch the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Butch was seized by Merseyside Police after his owner was found deceased. It is believed that Butch was left with his deceased owner for several days as a result when his owner was found Butch has consumed part of him. Merseyside Police seized Butch as they believe he is a danger to the public we disagree with this. We believe any dog would have behaved the same in that situation. Before Butch’s owner passed away he was in the process of signing Butch over to the Senior Staffy Club as he could n longer provide Butch with the life he deserved. The Senior Staffy Club have stuck by Butch since day one, they have stood up for Butch through court proceedings and they intend to stand by Butch until the end. 

Butch’s case has been a well publicised case which is regularly in the local papers. Merseyside Police intend to destroy Butch as they believe he is dangerous and poses a risk to public safety our expert says different. Butch case was heard in the Magistrates Court earlier in the year the District Judge on this occasion found in the favour of Merseyside Police and believed Butch should be put to sleep. An appeal was submitted to the Crown Court and a hearing was set at the end of July. At this hearing the Judge sitting at the Crown Court did not believe there was sufficient grounds to appeal the decision made in the Magistrates court. A Judicial Review has now been lodged at the High Court