Pinks Fund – Carla Lane Animals In Need

Carla Lane Animals In Need have been involved in supporting owners and their dogs caught up in court proceedings since 2007. Many of these dogs are seized and taken by the police for no other reason than being suspected of being a banned breed. These dogs have good temperaments but sadly their owners find themselves faced with emotional and  financial strain if they want to fight for their dogs life. Due to recent dog legislation Animals In Need have now expanded their help to owners who have been charged with other offences under the Dangerous Dogs Act. Many people believe that they do not need to worry about being charged with an offence under the Dangerous Dogs Act as  this only applies to large dogs or so called Bully Breeds, this is INCORRECT. Many of these dogs are smaller breeds like terriers and can range to much larger breeds such as  a Dogue de Bordeaux.  Pinks fund is set up to help these owners and their dogs with funding when they are not entitled to legal aid.  Pinks story can be viewed on the following link


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