Another Happy Ending

 We have received fantastic news today that the case against Roxy and Shadow had been dropped and that they would be returned to our very happy client.

Roxy and Shadow were both seized at around 5 months old when out for foster from Broken Halo Rescue. It was alleged that one of the dogs had jumped up and knocked a child. As a result police were called to the address and both dogs were seized as suspected banned breeds under terms of the Dangerous Dogs Act. Roxy and Shadow were both assessed at 6 months old by Kendal Shepherd who confirmed our suspicions that both dogs were not type. However the police still intended to proceed to court as their own expert stated that both dogs were type. Our expert decided to go back and assess both dogs when they were 9 months old, now classed as fully grown. Again Kendal determined the dogs still did not have the characteristics of a banned breed. After serving our second expert report on the police and the court the police made the decision to discontinue proceedings against our client and release Shadow and Roxy to their very happy owner,

We wish Shadow and Roxy all the best.