Simba’s return

Yesterday the lovely Simba was returned to his owner. Simba has been in police kennels for 3 months after being seized as a suspected Pitbull. After two assessments from both the police expert and our own expert the outcome was that Simba did have the characteristics of a pitbull. It was clear to everyone on viewing the expert assessment that Simba is a very happy friendly dog. With this in mind the court made the decision to grant a contingent destruction order, this means that Simba’s owner will have to follow a certain set of rules for the rest of his life. These rules include wearing a muzzle in all public places, being on a lead in all public places, taking out an insurance policy with the Dogs Trust and being castrated and tattooed. Nobody under the age of 16 will be allowed to walk Simba. 

Fran Ellis from Carla Lane Animals In Need attended on Simba yesterday to give him some welcome home presents. Simba was very happy to receive his new toys.

 Simba was seized only for the way he looked, he did not do anything wrong yet he was taken away from his family and caged for 12 weeks. This really needs to stop. If you want to help and make a change have a look at born innocent website they explain how they intend to change the law on BSL so that other dogs like Simba do not need to suffer in the same way.