Can you help our dogs on death row!

We have so many clients charged with offences under the Dangerous Dogs Act many of which are charged with offences that do not qualify for legal aid. The majority of these clients beloved pets have only been seized by police due to how they look. When the police bring proceedings in these cases the starting point they consider is a destruction order. For these clients to put up a fight and defend their beloved pet the only way around a destruction order would be for a expert to assess their dog. Experts fee can be expensive however a good report from a qualified canine behaviorist is a crucial factor in saving these dogs. A expert would attend on these dogs in a undisclosed location and carry out their assessment filming the assessment and producing this evidence at court with a written report taking the court through the assessment. It is then down to a court to consider whether they believe the dog would be a danger to the public. 

These are the dogs currently on death row who need help with funding. Can you help? 

Kano & Gaza Both dogs escaped from their owners back garden a neighbour called the police because they were barking, as a result both dogs were seized. The police say that both Kano and Gaza are prohibited breeds unfortunately our client attended court without legal advice and accepted that both dogs were type from the police’s assessment he now needs to get both dogs assessed to establish whether they are a danger to the public. Without this assessment the odds are against these two lovely dogs. 


Simba- Simba was seized at 15 months old after was involved in a incident were he got into the neighbours back garden so the dog warden was called. When the dog warden approached Simba at home Simba nipped the dog warden. Simba had never been involved in any incident like this before this date. Simba has now been in Kennels for 9 months. Unfortunatly his owner did not have the best legal advice during criminal court proceedings and did not instruct a expert to attend on Simba in Police Kennels. As a result Simba was sentenced to death. Simba’s owner now faces a bill of £10,000 to save Simba life at the High Court. His full story can be found on the link below. Simba needs all the help possible please spread the word.  To donate please visit – 

Kallie– Kallie is a exempted pitbull unfortunately  Kallie managed to get out of his property into the public area of his apartment complex and a neighbour called the police Kallie did nothing wrong other than be a bit mischievous and get out of the front door he is now back in police kennels. Can you help Kallie be reunited with his family? 

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Narla- Narla was seized by the police on the 18th August after barking in her back garden the police simply seized Narla because of how she looks.

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Please spread the word to help save these beloved pets