Missy’s fight against BSL

Many of you may have seen the article about Missy the suspected pitbull type dog found in a bad state by the RSPCA. The RSPCA were under the impression that nothing could be done to save Missy should she be found to be type. Our legal team spoke to the RSPCA who was willing to listen about how we could help save Missy. We explained to them that if someone would be willing to become the new owner of Missy then she could happily go through the exemption process with that person. Luckily for Missy the original breeder stepped forward and is willing to go through this process with her. 

Carla Lane animals in Need is a charity who work closely with ourselves. As well as rescuing and rehoming animals they help support owners who are going through the court process.

They have kindly set up a go fund me account for Missy. A lot of people have been a bit cautious as to whether this account is real. We can confirm this account is a real account and the funds raised will cover  legal costs and a expert behaviour/type assessment of Missy. Any further funds raised will be donated to Pinks fund to help other dogs and owners in the same position as Missy.