Happily ever after

This week we have had 4 more fantastic happy endings. 


The first story is the lovely Bain- Bain has been exempted for 10 years with no issues however at the back end of last week there was an incident were Bain decided to wonder out of the house in the early hours of the morning. Bain’s owner was extremely worried so contacted the police to notify them of this. Little did Bain’s owner know that Bain had only actually wondered a few yards out of the close he lives in and into the next close. A concerned neighbour had seen Bain alone sniffing near his bins so decided to take him in for the night. The neighbour made the decision to contact the dog warden in the morning who realised by Bain’s tattoo that he was a exempted dog, as a result the police were called.  Bain’s owner now faced the likelihood that Bain would now have to relive the experience of being re seized and held by police for a number of months. However to everyone’s surprise this was not the case Merseyside police were in agreement that Bain was not a danger to the public and that his owner was a responsible owner as the police were notified as soon as Bain had wondered off. The case was listed before the court the following day. Bain was re exempted and on Monday he was returned to his very happy owner. 



The second story is the story of the lovely Lucy- Lucy is a West Highland Terrier who was seized by Merseyside police for nipping a child when she escaped from her home. Lucy’s Mum and Dad are Elderly they have no children so Lucy and her sister Rosie are their babies. Lucy being seized has placed a huge amount of stress on this family. Earlier this week a control order was put in place for Lucy and a decision was made for Lucy to be returned to her very relieved parents. 

Lucy on the right

 Kano and Gaza

The third story is the story of Kano and Gaza- Kano and Gaza escaped from their back yard and were seen running around in the street. Someone called the police as they felt threatened by both dogs as a result the Met police seized the dogs as suspected Pitbull type dogs as well as being dangerously out of control. Kano and Gaza’s owner attended court without a solicitor, he made the decision to plead guilty to both offences without the dogs being assessed. Following the hearing the owner made the decision to call us. We instructed Debbie Connolly to carry out a behaviour assessment on both dogs. Earlier this week the case was heard in court with Pam Rose in attendance. It was clear to the court that following Debbie’s assessment the dogs were not a danger to the public. To the delight of our client a contingent destruction order was issued and both dogs were exempted which means that both dogs will be reunited with him in the next couple of days.


The final story is Coco- Coco was seized by police as a suspected Pitbull type dog she has been held by police for approximately 12 weeks. There was doubts raised by Coco’s owner in reltion to type, as a result Kendal Shepherd was instructed to carry out both a type and behaviour assessment. Kendal confirmed that Coco did have the characteristics of a Pitbull type dog however she was a very friendly young dog. Following a hearing at court the court decided to issue a contingent destruction order as Coco did not pose a risk to the public. 

Coco’s owner has provided us with a photograph of Coco being reunited with her best friend Thomas.