This weeks news


Tai- The lovely Tai was returned to his very happy owner after being seized by West Yorkshire police for being a suspected Pitbull type dog. Tai was taken and kept in police kennels he was released back to his extremely happy family after the police assessed him and stated he is NOT a Pitbull type dog. 

Below is photographs of Tai following his return

Lucy- The Lovely Lucy has been returned home to her very happy mum and dad and of course her sister Rosie after being in police kennels for many weeks. Merseyside police seized Lucy for nipping a neighbour. Lucy came to visit us in the office today she was very happy to see everyone. 

Below is photographs of Lucy being returned



Meg- The lovely Megs case was discontinued this week after  she was accused of biting a cyclist who was on private land. Luckily Meg was not seized by police as the case was being pursued by the council. This was very out of character for Meg she had never bitten anyone, her owner was convinced Meg was innocent and had in fact only jumped up at the cyclist.  Meg is now free to live a happy life with her family without having any conditions imposed.