Can you help?

We have many clients who need as much help as possible to raise funds to pay for assessments and legal fees when they are faced with court proceedings.

Here is two of their stories.

Simba- This beautiful boy is Simba, Simba is quite literally on death row his case is at Judicial review stage in the High Court. Simba was involved in a incident were he got into the next door neighbour’s garden on quite a few occasions. Simba’s mum tried her best to block off all of Simba’s escape routes, however on the final occasion the neighbour called the dog warden. The dog warden attended at Simba’s house, Simba was locked away he was distressed and crying at the time. The dog warden told Simba’s mum to let him out, Simba was extremely fearful as a result he urinated on the floor and nipped the dog warden. The incident was reported to the police and Simba was taken away. Simba’s case has already been before the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court unfortunately Simba’s mum was not given the best advice at the time. Simba has been assessed by a independent expert who says he is a very loving dog who is at times nervous. This is this boys very last chance we need to spread the word and help Simba everyone deserves a second chance

Proceedings in the High Court are extremely expensive Simba mum needs as much help as possible. Please help spread the word all donations are gratefully received.

Facebook: savesimba 



Murphy- The very handsome Murphy was seized by police after being involved in a altercation with another dog, the other dog was badly injured as a result the police seized Murphy. Murphy’s owner was charged with being the owner of a dog dangerously out of control. Murphy’s owner needs to raise funds for his appeal in the Crown Court at the end of November. Before court Murphy needs a expert assessment completing can you help Murphy’s family?

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