Homeward Bound

We have had a busy few weeks with many case coming before courts around the country. We have a few stories below of some of the happy endings.



Simba’s case came before Liverpool Magistrates court at the beginning of the week. Simba was accused of an offence of being dangerously out of control after he nipped a passerby when he was distressed out on a walk. A contingent destruction order was agreed to the relief of his very happy owner he will be reunited with his family in the next few days.



Lilly case came before Southend Magistrates Court on Tuesday Lilly was accused of biting somebody at a family BBQ. Lilly was assessed by Debbie Connolly who found Lilly not to be a a danger to the public. It was agreed for Lilly to be given a contingent destruction order. Lilly will be reunited with her family very soon. 



Duke’s case came before Liverpool Crown Court earlier this week. Duke spent 8 months in police kennels as he was accused of biting someone after being provoked. Duke was assessed by Canine behaviorist Craig Richardson and found not to be a risk to public safety. It was agreed at court that a control order would be given to Duke. Duke was reunited with his dad a few days ago. He came to visit everyone who saved him at our office today and was very pleased with his treats. 


We wish all three dogs the best of luck with the future and hope they continue on to lead happy healthy lives.