Fantastic news at Liverpool Crown Court

Chico was seized by the police in April 2015. Chico’s mum originally instructed another organisation to help her get him back while the case was still in the magistrates court. At the original hearing in the magistrates court the District Judge agreed with the police that Chico was a pitbull and that he should be destroyed. After this hearing Chico’s mum contacted us to appeal this decision. 

The case came before Liverpool Crown court on the 26th and 27th January 2017 after hearing both prosecution and defence evidence, which included the evidence of Dr Kendal Shepherd who deemed Chico to only have 42% characteristics of a pitbull type dog. The Judge made the decision that Chico was NOT a pitbull type dog and can therefore be released back to his mum. 

We can not thank you all enough for the help and support you have given to Chico and his family.

We wish Chico and his family all the best and hope to see him very soon.