Tinkerbell’s Story

Tinkerbell is a very special dog and has a place in all of our hearts here at Parry and Welch Solicitors. Tinkerbell was a pup when she was seized by Merseyside police after her and another dog managed to escape out of their owners bank garden. The other dog was involved in a altercation with a much smaller dog so the police were called. The police gave the owner the option of rehoming both dogs, the elder dog was rehomed and Tinkerbell was signed over to Carla Lane Animals In Need. However before Carla Lane Animals In Need came to collect Tinkerbell she was seized by police as evidence. Tinkerbell was in kennels for approximately 2 years when our expert attended to carry out a assessment she was shocked and saddened by Tinkerbell’s mental and physical state, she had no fight left in her she presented herself to the expert as a much older dog. She had knees which had fused together from being kept in a kennel sleeping on a cold hard floor while her bones were still forming. It is likely she had little to no exercise whilst there, she did not know how to interact, how to play with toys it was a very upsetting sight.

Luckily Tinkerbell was released to Carla Lane Animals In Need around 6 weeks ago now she has came on fantastic. After having a full veterinary exam it was confirmed that 3 year old Tinkerbell needs both knees replacing at a cost of £900 per leg. Her teeth have been checked by the vet who believed Tinkerbell to be around 8 years old from the condition of her teeth, many of these will be removed at some stage. However something very special happened to Tinkerbell on Friday she was rehomed to a very loving family who can provide her with all the love and care she needs. This girl deserves the biggest second chance there is she has a heart of gold. All at the office have met her and she is a gentle giant even around Casper (the office monster/pup) We fought so hard for Tinkerbell to be released and we can honestly say this is why we do we do to help save dogs like Tinkerbell to give them a second chance. 

Carla Lane Animals In Need are raising funds to pay for Tinkerbell’s knee replacement they need as much help as possible donation details can be found below.


We wish Tinkerbell a long happy life 

We would like to thank all at Carla Lane Animals In Need especially Fran Ellis as well as all their supporters who have stood by us in every dog case we have been involved in especially this one. The support that the owners and these animals receive is amazing. 

As well as Carla Lane Animals In Need we would like to show our appreciation to Born Innocent and their supporters as well as John Howard at BSL Victim support for his dedication to helping owners and finally Gill Henderson and Alexis Aitcheson who have been fantastic throughout. Each of these individual people/organisations have dedicated their lives to help owners and dogs who have become victims of BSL and the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.


Tinkerbell Photographs