A week of success

This week we have had some great success stories.

The images below are in order 1 to 4 

1. Amber- Amber has been in kennels with Hertfordshire police for 1 year she was found to be type in the magistrates court despite our expert disagreeing. Her owner appealed the decision at Luton Crown Court yesterday and was successful. Amber was found NOT type and was returned home earlier today.

2. Storm- Storm has been in kennels with Hertfordshire police for a number of months after her owner took her out in his car without a muzzle. As the law stands a prohibited breed cannot be in a car without being on a lead and wearing a muzzle. Storms owner was unaware that the car was classed as a public place. Storm was re exempted at court and reunited with her dad earlier this week 

3. Honey- Honey was seized as a suspected banned breed after her brother Eddie was involved in a incident with another dog. All 3 dogs were seized by Met police as type when they arrived at the scene. Honey was assessed by expert Craig Richardson who agreed with the police expert she had significant characteristics to be deemed type however the same did not apply to her brother Eddie ( below) whom our expert deemed NOT type. 

4. Eddie- Eddie was seized by Met police alongside Honey after being involved in a incident with another dog. Eddie and Honey were in kennels for many months before the case proceeded to court earlier this week. After a long battle the court agreed with the police expert who had over 30 years experience as a DLO that Eddie had enough characteristics to be deemed type. However the officer did state he had no issue with the behaviour of the two dogs. Therefore both dogs were exempted.


We wish all four dogs and their families all the best.