A great start to the week

As many can imagine we get numerous enquiries every day from clients all around the UK  who’s dogs have been seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. Here is two of our success stories from this week. 


Coco- Coco was seized from her family after the police were alerted to her following a neighbour dispute. Coco was seized by Merseyside police in July 2016 her owner contacted a online organisation for advice. They advised her she did not need a solicitor as the DLO had said Coco was friendly so therefore her case would be straight forward and Coco would be exempted and returned to her without any issue. This was not the case Coco’s owner arrived at court and was faced with the complete opposite. Without a solicitor to defend her corner Coco was ordered to be destroyed. Coco’s owner immediately contacted us to lodge a appeal and instruct a expert to support that Coco was not a danger to the public. 

Coco’s case came before Liverpool Crown Court on the 19th May 2017. The appeal was successful Cocos owner was found to be a fit and proper person and the court were in agreement with our expert Mr Craig Richardson that Coco did not pose a danger to the public and should be returned to her family as a exempted Pitbull type dog. We wish Coco and her family all the best 


The moral of the story here is to always speak to a solicitor if you become victim to the Dangerous Dogs Act. Do not rely solely on online organisations. If you are ill you do not go online and ask a online organisation to diagnose you. You would go to the doctors.  Solicitors/Lawyers each and everyone of us have studied for years to be able to stand up in a court and advise clients on the law.

It is becoming quite common for clients to contact us for representation at appeal after they have been advised by non legally qualified people to go to court alone. 


Marley – Marley’s case came before St Albans Magistrates Court today. Marley was seized after a incident with another dog police seized Marley and informed her owner that they believe her to be a Pitbull Type dog. Marley’s owner was initially with another solicitors prior to instructing us. She was informed by the solicitor that they did not believe they could Save Marley. Marley’s owner was not happy with the advice she received so asked for a transfer and came to us. Marley was assessed by Craig Richardson and found Not Pitbull type however following today’s hearing and discussions with the prosecution Marley’s owner made the decision to plead in order for Marley to be returned home to her as a exempted dog. 

We would like to wish Marley and her family all the best.