Chesney’s story

Earlier this week Chesney’s case came before Newcastle Magistrates Court. Chesney was seized by Northumbria police in 2016 as a suspected Pitbull type dog. Chesney’s mum refused to believe this so set about instructing a independent expert to assess Chesney this expert, Dr Kendal Shepherd conducted both a type and behaviour assessment on Chesney and found him NOT to be  type.  Luckily for Chesney’s mum Chesney was allowed home on the interim scheme whilst his case went through the court process. 

Earlier this week the case came before the court for a full type argument. After listening to both parties argument’s as to whether Chesney had enough characteristics to be deemed Pitbull Type, the court found in our favour that Chesney did not have enough characteristics to be deemed a Pitbull type dog.

Chesney is now allowed to live the rest of his life as a free dog with no conditions. We would like to wish Chesney and his family all the best and cannot wait to meet him.