A happy ending for Fifi the dog

 Fifi was rescued by Joeys Legacy Boxer rescue back in 2016 Fifi was a lovely kind gentle dog who as you can imagine was quickly fostered/adopted out to a lady who owned another dog. As Fifi was getting used to her new home an altercation occurred one night between the two dogs over a sausage. Unfortunately Fifi new mum  tried to get between the two dogs and take the sausage away when she was bitten. As a result the police were called both dogs were seized, eventually the other dog was returned to the owner. Unfortunately for Fifi the blame was put on her and she remained in police kennels. Joeys legacy found out about what had happened and their immediate concern was for Fifi. It was agreed earlier this week at court that Fifi  is not dangerous and that she does not pose a risk to the public. It was agreed that she could be returned to Joeys Legacy Boxer rescue  subject to a signed undertaking complying with a number of conditions.

This was a unfortunate accident which could of happened with any dog

 We wish Fifi all the best and hope she finds her forever home.