A week of good news

This week we have been very busy with many cases being heard in courts around the country.

Below is a few cases with happy endings from this week.


George- George is a exempted Pitbull. George’s owner was charged with breaching one of the conditions of his exemption, as a result George was seized by Merseyside police. At court this week the case against George was dismissed, it was agreed that George could be returned back home. We wish George and his family all the best. 


Box – Box was seized by South Wales police after an allegation that a incident had occurred when Box sneaked out of his home. Box’s owner instructed a behaviour expert to attend at kennel and carry out an assessment to show that Box did not pose a danger to public safety. It was agreed this week at court that Box is not dangerous and that he should be returned home subject to a control order. We wish Box and his family all the best.  


Stannis- Stannis was seized by Essex police following an allegation that he was involved in an incident. After looking at all evidence it was agreed by the police that Stannis could be returned home without any further action being taken. We wish Stannis and his family all the best