Happy ever after

The past few month here at Parry Welch Lacey have been very busy we now have a record number of dog clients and find ourselves appearing  in courts on a daily basis all around the country. 

The past few weeks we have had some great results. Some of the dogs which we have managed to save along with their stories can be found below.


Reuben and Konan- Both dogs were seized by Merseyside police as type. After being independently assessed it was agreed by independent expert witness Shaun Hesmondhalgh that both dogs has enough characteristics to be deemed Pitbull type. The case came before Liverpool magistrates court last week, the court were satisfied that the dogs did not pose a risk to the public and that their owner was a fit and proper person therefore a contingent destruction order was granted for both dogs. Both dogs will now be returned home to their extremely happy owner in the next few days. 



DAVE-Dave was seized by Kent police after he escaped from his home address and found himself in the local pound. Dave’s owner saw an appeal online and immediately recognised Dave. Dave was assessed by independent canine behaviourist Jeff Turner who found Dave to be a very friendly dog. Dave was measured by Jeff and although not a perfect Pitbull he was found to add up to what ADBA state a pitbull type dog is. The case came before Medway Magistrates Court last week. The court agreed that Dave did not pose a risk to public safety and that his owner was fit and proper therefore a contingent order was granted. Dave will now be reunited with his very relived owner after such a long time apart.


CONAN- Conan’s case came before Teeside Magistrates court today. Conan was seized by police as a suspected Pitbull type dog. Conan’s owner refused to accept this and instructed Dr Kendal Shepherd to carry out a independent assessment. Dr Shepherd attended on Conan in kennels and found him to NOT have enough characteristics to be deemed Pitbull type. The case came fore the court this morning, after both experts arguments were heard the court found in favour of Dr Shepherd. It was agreed that Conan should be released from custody back to his owner as soon as possible and live the rest of his life as a dog free of restrictions.  We would like to wish Conan and family all the best.



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