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Useful Links & Additional Support for Dogs at Risk

If you need more support for your dogs, threatened by dangerous dog law or with other difficulties, we’ve collected a selection of our favourite charities, support groups, fundraising systems, and the expert witnesses we turn to.

We invite you to browse the links below for what you need.

Animal Charities

Online Help and Support

Facebook group BSL Victim Support UK

Olives fight against BSL

Rockys Army fighting BSL OR

Expert Witness

Debbie Connolly, canine behaviourist-

Mike Barnett, canine behaviourist

Jeff Turner, canine behaviourist –

Roger Mugford, canine behaviourist

Kendal Shepherd, canine behaviourist

Shaun Hesmondhalgh, canine behaviourist

Fundraising pages

Crowd Justice-

Go Fund Me-

Just Giving