Dangerous Dog Case Studies

Julie Williams and Stripe

On 14th June 2015, my dog Stripe was accused of charging through the neighbour’s fence panel and biting the neighbours arm. Although very out of character for my dog, I was in work and had no idea until I returned home, so could not really have an input to what may have happened. On 16th June 2015, Merseyside police arrived at my property and seized Stripe under the dangerous dogs act, the reason for this was because I have children under the age 16 years living in the house. I was asked by the police to attend Maghull police station to be interviewed about the incident and was accompanied by Kate Welch from Parry and Welch Solicitors.

I was charged by the police for being the owner of dangerous dog and stood trial at Liverpool crown court six months later for a criminal matter concerning the case. With excellent representation I was found not guilty by the jury and it was ordered by the judge that myself and stripe be released immediately on 21st Januarys 2016. It was seven days later that I was finally reunited with Stripe after numerous calls and emails from Perry Welsh solicitors to the police for stripe’s release.

I would highly recommend Perry Welsh to anybody in my situation.

Thank you so much to Kate Welch, and the rest of team, for all you help and support at such distressing time in my life.