Dog Law Solicitors for the Kent Area

There have been an increasing number of dogs being taken in by the Kent police in recent days. This has been because of changes to the Dangerous Dog Act in 2014 to allow it to cover dogs on private property.

As such, the police can seize any dog that they believe to be of a banned breed of dog. This includes pit bull terrier types, which extends to dogs that have characteristics like the type rather than a specific breed itself.

When the Kent Police Seize Your Dog

From all the dogs that were seized over the past few years, the majority were taken through the arduous process of going to court.

For the owners, this is understandably a distressing experience. Being separated from their family pets for such a long period without being allowed to visit, uncertain of how the court is going to take them. Thankfully, Parry and Welch Solicitors are dog law specialists.

It’s the hard work of dog lawyers like ourselves that protects dogs under accusation from being destroyed. However, these were only the dogs that were seized for being suspected pit bull terrier types.

While the Kent Police have not released figures of dogs seized under other elements of the acts for more recent years, we know that police seizing dogs is on the rise. This has been under the full extent of the dangerous dog law, including bothering livestock, not being kept under control and acting out of control. And as we mentioned before, this includes private property.

Here to Help

We deal with cases of dogs taken out of their owners hands every day, and we’re experts on the letter of the law. That’s why we urge dog owners that are undergoing this unfortunate experience to get in touch with us as soon as this happens.

As dog owners ourselves, we also know how upsetting an experience this can be for the owners. We’re committed to ensuring that your dog gets the best defence they can regardless of what part of the act they’ve been seized under. We’ve been so successful in the past that some dogs have been returned to their owners without having been taken to court.

We can talk you through the due process, the timeframe you can expect for action to be taken, and how we can give your four-legged friend the chance they deserve. Contact us today if you’ve been affected and we’ll be more than happy to help.