When Your Pet is Accused of Dog Offences, Call Us

Dog Offences

When you first discover the police believe your pet to have committed any one of the major dog offences, it can be a shock – and can throw you straight into panic stations.

It’s important not to go straight to despair; the police cannot destroy your dog, but instead a court order would be needed. Having lawyers who specialise in these cases on your side can still make all the difference – so your first step should be to reach out.

Experts in Dog Law

Whether your dog is in trouble for supposedly worrying livestock, not being under proper control, being a banned breed or type or being dangerously out of control, there is a case to be made for their defence – and we can also help with the legal, protected transfer of ownership for those dogs who are on the exempted list.

Parry and Welch Solicitors has a focus on what are often referred to as ‘dog laws’, the UK regulations on dogs and their behaviour. That means we have the experience and expertise to best support you in these cases, where other law firms would need to take time to refamiliarize and research.

A Running Start

Because we know these kinds of case very well, we can provide you with a clear, honest evaluation of your situation right from the first contact, and can immediately get the ball rolling on the process of freeing your four-legged friend.

All you have to do is get in touch.