When Your Four-Legged Friend is in Trouble, You Need Dog Solicitors

Dog Solicitors

Do you need a dog solicitor? Do you believe your dog is at risk from the police under the Dangerous Dogs Act?

Has your dog actually been seized by the police?

Should you face charges under the dangerous dog’s act there’s only one way to get your family’s four-legged friend back, and that way is to instruct a specialist solicitor to take legal action.

Dog Dos and Don’ts

Don’t sign anything the police ask you to without having it looked over first. The police have no right to do more than seize and kennel your dog. The police are unable to destroy your dog without getting one of two things:

  • A court order
  • Your written permission

Don’t allow yourself to sign a written permission through distraction or without speaking to a legal representative. Do contact us as quickly as possible.

Most lawyers only deal with matters relating to the Dangerous Dogs Act once qualified or in some cases not at all. We specialise in this area of law, and that gives us the edge you need.

We’re dog owners ourselves, and we understand exactly how it would feel to lose one of our family.

Dog Solicitors Supporting You

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you and your pet are reunited. The most common offences dog owners face are as follows:

  • Having a dog not under proper control
  • Owner or person in charge of a dog dangerously out of control
  • Dogs worrying livestock
  • Being a dangerous dog (prohibited breed)

We also deal with issues arising from changing the owner of an exempted dangerous dog. Whatever the case – we are here to help.

Get in touch today and we can help put your mind to ease. We can also begin preparing your dog’s defence – the sooner we start, the faster they’ll be back with you.