Has your Dog been Threatened with Destruction?

Dogs Not Kept Under Proper Control

If your dog has been threatened with destruction under Section 2 of the Dogs Act 1871, it’s important to remember that the police cannot order your dog’s destruction – that takes a court order.

We recognise that threats like this against your dog can be scary, and that it’s easy to panic or go into denial, but that’s where we can come in – we can set the ball rolling to protect your dog and take a lot of the worry out of your hands.

Section 2 of the Dogs Act

Civil proceedings can be taken against the owner of a dog that is dangerous and not kept under proper control. The allegation can be towards people or animals; the legislation applies to incidents that take place in both public and private places. As proceedings are civil, the court cannot impose any penalty on the owner or order them to pay compensation.

However, they can order the owner to pay costs of the application and order the dog to be destroyed or kept under proper control.