Has Your Dog Been Seized by Hampshire Police?

Under current legislation, there are several reasons the police can seize a ‘dangerous dog’.

If your dog has been seized by Hampshire Police for any of these reasons, don’t panic. Worrying is the natural first instinct, but your first step should be to reach out to experienced solicitors.

The team at Parry and Welch Solicitors are all dog lovers – and specialists in dangerous dog law.

Remember, beyond seizing and kennelling your dog, the police need a court order to go any further. Before that happens, your four-legged friend will have their day in court. We can be there with you, presenting a case based on a deep and clear understanding of the law.

While many law firms handle dog law only occasionally, it’s our speciality. We’re constantly working with cases involving dog law. We have a clear knowledge of all the relevant legislation. That gives us the edge you want on your side at these hearings.

Whether your dog is under threat for being a banned breed, being out of control (or not under proper control), worrying livestock, or because of issues in changing ownership of a exempted dog, we can help.

Contact us to get the ball rolling. We’ll ask about your situation, learn what we need to, and we can get to work immediately.

The road to meet your furry family member again is open. We’ll be happy to guide you down it, as we have for these previous cases.