Have the Humberside Police Seized Your Dog?

In England and Wales under terms of the Dangerous Dogs Act, there are five offences which give cause for police to seize your dog.

If Humberside Police believe that your dog has violated one of these laws, they have the power to seize your dog and keep them in kennels while they investigate– however they are unable to do any more than this without a court order. If your dog has been seized by police, don’t panic – there’s still time to save your four-legged friend.

The team at PAWS are all experts in dog law. We focus on this sector where other law firms don’t, and we firmly believe we provide the best chance of success in returning dogs to their owners.

Your dog may have been seized as a suspected banned breed, or for worrying livestock, maybe not being under proper control, or being out of control entirely. Whatever the case, your first step should be to contact us for free legal advice. We will be able to prepare your pet’s defence and start the process to reunite you and your furry friend.

We understand how painful it can be being faced with the realisation that you face losing your beloved pet forever. However, we are here to help. We don’t just work to reunite you with your pet– we want to take away as much of the worry and stress as we can.