Dangerous Dog Legal Advice

We can help if you:

Are being investigated or prosecuted for an animal-related offence
Have had a dog seized by the police;
Require help licensing your animal-related business premises.

Police Investigations

If the police want to interview about a dog incident, anything you say may be used against you.

You have a right to be represented at interview for free. Call us now on 0151 480 4061

Using that right can prevent the matter being taken further and can avoid your arrest.

Local Authority Investigations

Dog wardens lack a power of arrest but they can still interview you. Anything you say during interview may be used against you.

Free legal advice is not available in local authority cases, but we can still help. Getting help now can often avoid prosecution and greater costs later. Call us now on 0151 480 4061.


If your dog is seized by the police, court proceedings are likely to follow, even if you sign your dog over.

In many cases, the police ask for dogs to be handed over for destruction where a court would not order destruction. In some cases, promises of non-prosecution are not honoured.

To avoid your dog being unnecessarily killed and avoid prosecution, call us now on 0151 480 4061.

Court Proceedings

The police or a local authority may deal with a dangerous dog matter by:

  • An out of court resolution such as a “community resolution” or a “caution”;
  • Civil Proceedings before a magistrates’ court, or:
  • Criminal Proceedings

Civil and criminal proceedings are started by a summons and you must act quickly to avoid the case being dealt with in your absence. If you have received a summons, call us now on 0151 480 4061

Prohibited Types

If your dog has been seized as a prohibited type of dog, and you do not believe that it is of that type, call us. You must produce evidence to show your dog is not a prohibited dog and our team of expert witnesses can assist with an expert assessment.

Appeals Against Destruction Orders

If a court has made a destruction order and you want to appeal against it you must act quickly as notice of appeal must be served within 21 days of the court order. Call us now on 0151 480 4061 for immediate help.

If you have been asked to attend at an interview contact us now.

We will:

Arrange for you to be represented at your interview;
Establish from the investigator exactly what evidence they have to say you committed an offence;
Provide you with confidential advice about what you should say during the course of your interview;
Accompany you during that interview.

In some cases being represented may avoid you being arrested or prosecuted for an offence.

If you are arrested and are taken to a police station ask for us or get someone to contact us. We offer a free 24-hour emergency service to those who have been arrested and are in police detention which includes coming to the police station to assist you.

If you have received a Summons or been charged with an offence we can help.

We provide advice, assistance and representation to those who have been charged with an offence and we can also help if you have received a civil summons.

If your dog has been seized by the police we can help.

The police can seize dogs they believe are prohibited dogs because they are a “Pit Bull” type or another prohibited dog.

Under the current law, the police may return your dog even if it is a prohibited type provided that you agree to abide by the scheme under which prohibited dogs may exempted from the ban on owning or keeping such a dog. The court may order the return of a dog to you even if it is a prohibited dog if the court believes the dog will not cause a risk to public safety provided it is subjected to certain conditions.

We can provide you with the help and representation you need to give your dog the best chance your dog the best chance of being returned home by:

Arranging for your dog to be assessed by an expert where you dispute that it is a prohibited type:
Arranging for your dog’s behaviour to be assessed to show that it would not create a risk to public safety:
Arranging for your home to be assessed to ensure you can provide a secure and safe environment to keep your dog:
Helping you collect all the evidence you need to prove that your dog does not present a risk to public safety:
Presenting your case to court.

Appeals against destruction orders

Act now – you only have 21 days to appeal against the order to prevent your dog being put to sleep.

We can help even if you were not represented in the magistrates’ court. Please contact us urgently by telephone with details of the court that made the order and the date the order was made. Please be ready to send the papers that the police provided to you to us by email or in the post.