Legal Support for Dogs Seized by Merseyside Police

Merseyside police service is likely to exercise this right. But don’t despair; whatever you may have been told, your four-legged friend can still be saved.

Whether the trouble involves a claim your dog was not kept under proper control, is of a prohibited breed or type, is dangerously out of control, or has been worrying livestock, the law still requires due process.

Experts in Dog Law

Your pet will have their day to be defended, and at that time, you’ll want to make sure they have the best representation you can find.

What you need here is a specialist. The simple fact is that most lawyers have covered dog law barely, if at all – to be ready to practice it you need to have set out to specialise in it, made a detailed study, and committed to it extensively.

Around 95% of our work is in dog cases. We care passionately about our own dogs; that’s why we decided to offer pets the legal protection they need and deserve.

Our focus is on dog law and legislation, so if you come to Parry Welch Lacey for support you can be absolutely confident that you’ll receive expert advice and the determined defence you’d want for anyone in your family – especially your beloved dog.

Don’t let losing your pet to the Merseyside police be the end – get in touch with us and we can begin your defence. Nothing is more satisfying than reuniting a family with their much-loved dog, and we will always work for the best possible end result.



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