Parry & Welch: Dog solicitors Liverpool

Dog solicitors in Liverpool

If you’ve received a complaint about your dog, had your dog seized or have been issued with a destruction of dog order, you may think all hope is lost for your beloved pet. At Parry & Welch, or PAWS, we’re a team of dog lawyers Liverpool residents can trust. We understand your dog is more than a pet, and is a member of your family. We are here to provide legal help with any issue you may be having with your dog.

What services can dog solicitors in Liverpool provide?

We are specialists in getting wrongly seized dogs back to their owners for good. Our services range from challenging false or inaccurate accusations made by a member of the public or the police, to overturning issues of unlawful destruction of dogs by the police high court. We are industry experts and our track record speaks for itself. Take a look at some of our success stories.

What makes us dog lawyers Liverpool canine owners can trust?

– We provide assistance 365 days a year, so are always ready to help you – Our 24 hour emergency call line ensures you can always reach us – Experts in both civil and criminal courts – All members of our dog law team are dog owners, so they can truly emphasise with your situation. You can meet and learn about our team here.