Looking for Specialist Dog Lawyers in the UK?

Expert Dog Solicitors

It’s true – and it’s a good thing, overall – that most people in the UK don’t even realise there are specialist dog lawyers active in the country.

There is one downside, however, which comes when your own family dog – or the dog of a close friend – is in trouble for worrying livestock, not being under proper control, being dangerously out of control or being of a prohibited dog breed or type.

A Lot of Confusion

There are a lot of commonly held misconceptions about the law surrounding dangerous dogs, and when you find yourself confronted with legal trouble around your pet you may hear a lot of misleading advice and information that’s passed into public knowledge without being properly fact-checked.

It’s important you don’t let this panic you – much if not all of this information will be at least partly wrong, and the threat is not as great as people believe. What you need is a representative who can go straight to the real law.

Help is at Hand

You may not have realised that expert dog solicitors exist, but at Parry and Welch Solicitors we’ve specialised in helping our four-legged friends.

Why? Because specialist areas of law need specialists; focusing on cases where dogs are in trouble under the Dangerous Dogs Act or related legislation, we keep our knowledge of the law sharp to provide a better service, and our record for returning dogs to their owners is strong.

When you find your family friend under threat, don’t panic – because there are experts, and we’re on your side.

Contact us today and we can start the work of protecting your pet.