Has Your Dog Been Seized by Warwickshire Police?

Since 2014 there has been a dramatic increase across the UK of the police seizing dogs. This is because changes in the Dangerous Dog Act mean that the police now have the authority to seize dogs on private property.

This has meant an increase of family pets being taken away from their home because they are suspected of being banned breed type dog. It’s more important than ever before to know your rights when it comes to your dog and the law. However it is just as important to ensure you have expert solicitors on side if your dog gets seized.

Support for Seized Dogs in Warwickshire

We’re committed to doing all we can to help dog owners through the difficult and emotionally taxing process of their dogs being taken to court. We’re dog owners ourselves, so we’re aware of how difficult a time this can be.

That’s what makes the difference – our expert team are on hand with a sympathetic ear and an in-depth understanding of dog law. We’re ready to give your four-legged friends the fighting chance that they deserve, we have been so successful in previous cases that we’ve gotten dogs back to their owners’ without their case even been taken to court.

We can’t promise we’ll always get results of that calibre – but we can promise that your dog will get the protection and defence that they deserve whilst they’re undergoing this process.

We can talk you through the due process, asses how long the process is likely to take, and give you a thorough understanding of how we intend to put up the best defence we can for your dog.

The most important thing you can do is contact us the moment your dog is seized, no matter how distressed you may be. We’ll help clear up what’s happening and start the process of trying to get your dog safely back in your care.