If the West Midlands Police Seized your Dog, Call Us

Advice for those whose Dogs have been Seized by the West Midlands Police

The police have authority to seize and kennel dogs for a number of different offences. While this can be scary, don’t be daunted – because help is available.

The West Midlands Police have recently stepped up their activity in kennelling dogs believed to violate one law or another, and if your dog has been seized or kennelled by West Mercia, we can help – get in touch using our contact page and we can begin.

We’re experienced in protecting pets when it’s claimed that they’re dangerously out of control, they’re threatened with destruction, if they’re accused of worrying livestock, or if someone claims that they’re of a banned type. We can also help if you need an exemption to change the listed owner of a dog on the banned list.

Whatever the reason for your dog’s run-in with the police, our specialist team are standing by to support you and them. We can make sure you have representation throughout and provide confidential, expert advice on the right tack to take.

You don’t have to give up because your dog has been kennelled; there’s still time to restore your family. Let us help you.